Myra Mohnen

Myra will be working on better understanding the link between low-carbon innovation and green revenues. She will also be comparing knowledge spillovers created by clean and dirty technologies. Background Myra … read more »

Rory Sullivan

Rory is a Visiting Senior Research Fellow for CCCEP, based at the University of Leeds. He is also Senior Advisor with Ethix SRI Advisors, and is an internationally recognised expert on the financial/investment implications of climate change. His experience has included seven years in one of the largest asset management companies in the UK focusing on the investment […]

Torsten Thiele

Torsten’s work focuses on ocean ecosystems governance and blue finance. This includes developing linkages between climate adaptation and marine ecosystems governance and finance. Background Torsten Thiele spent over 20 years … read more »

Ben Combes

Ben is a Director at Llewellyn Consulting, an independent economics advisory firm based in the City of London, where he plays a leadership role in the firm’s thematic research on … read more »

Adrian Gault

Adrian is Chief Economist at the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), the independent body established by the Climate Change Act (2008) to advise the Government and Parliament on carbon budgets … read more »

Helene Ollivier

Helene’s research interests are related to the link between trade liberalization and the environment, and to political economy constraints on (environmental) policies. Background Helene is a research fellow at the … read more »

Stefano Carattini

Stefano’s research focuses on the political economy and effectiveness of environmental policy. He has worked on waste and carbon taxation as well as more broadly on cooperation in the climate … read more »

Ludovic Gaudard

Ludovic Gaudard is Research Associate at the University of Geneva. He holds a PhD ès sciences in interdisciplinary studies (economics and environmental sciences), a master’s degree in environmental sciences and … read more »

Frank Venmans

Background Frank has a Master in Bio-engineering from the University of Ghent and an MSc in Economics and Management from the University of Mons (Belgium). He is a teaching assistant … read more »

Raphael Calel

Raphael is a Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley. Background Raphael has a PhD in Environmental Economics from the LSE. He has … read more »