John Ward

John Ward is an independent consultant focusing on the economics of climate change and sustainability. Background John is an experienced economist who has spent the last 10 years working on … read more »

Alon Carmel

Alon is a Senior Consultant at NERA’s Global Energy, Environment, Communications and Infrastructure Practice based in London.  He advises on energy markets and policy, renewable energy, auctions and carbon markets. … read more »

Kathryn Brown

Kathryn is the Head of Adaptation at the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), and leads the secretariat that supports the Adaptation Committee.  The CCC is the UK Government’s independent adviser … read more »

Pete Betts

Pete Betts is currently exploring his contribution to a project on the role of the UK in international climate politics post Brexit. Background Pete has 35 years’ experience as a … read more »

Samuela Bassi

Samuela worked as a policy anlyst wtih the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment from early 2012 until June 2018. From 2016 she managed the Statkraft Policy Research Programme, investigating the transition to a low-carbon economy in Europe. Her work focused in particular on climate and energy policy and on green growth. […]

Ehtisham Ahmad

Pao Yu-Kong Professor, Zhejiang University Co-Director, New Climate Economy/Coalition for Urban Transition Program on Financing Sustainable Urban Transitions, and coordinating country studies on China and Mexico during 2018/19. Senior Fellow, Chinese Academy of Fiscal Science/Ministry of Finance Research Institute. Background Ehtisham has been Visiting Senior Fellow at the Asia Research Center at the LSE (2010-2017), […]

Amy O’Mahoney

Amy O’Mahoney is a Visiting Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. She joined the Institute in January 2019. She is currently Head of Monitoring … read more »

Myra Mohnen

Myra will be working on better understanding the link between low-carbon innovation and green revenues. She will also be comparing knowledge spillovers created by clean and dirty technologies. Background Myra … read more »

Rory Sullivan

Dr Sullivan’s primary research focus is investment governance, and the role that can be played by investors and the capital markets in delivering systemic change in the sustainability performance and impacts of key industries and economic sectors. Background Dr Rory Sullivan, Co-Founder and Director of Chronos Sustainability, is an internationally recognised expert on climate change, […]

Arlan Brucal

Arlan’s research focuses on evaluating the impact of public policies, including energy taxes, on the adoption of energy-efficiency technologies by households and manufacturing companies. Background Arlan completed his PhD in … read more »