Hans Peter Lankes

Visiting Professor in Practice, LSE

Hans Peter Lankes

Hans Peter Lankes is the Vice President, Economics and Private Sector Development at the International Finance Corporation (IFC)/World Bank Group (until 1/2021). His responsibilities include ensuring that IFC supports projects that are focused on development impact, delivers on ambitious climate and gender goals through its investments and advisory, designs strategies grounded in economic diagnostics, considers macroeconomic and market conditions when investing and managing its portfolio, deploys blended finance where appropriate to address climate and poverty, and develops thought leadership on the role of the private sector in development.


Hans Peter has more than 30 years of experience in development finance and economics, including senior roles at the IFC, EBRD and IMF, as well as in academia, the private sector and government advisory (in Africa, South-East Asia and Central America). He received his PhD from Harvard University, and degrees from Harvard Kennedy School, University of Freiburg and Université de Grenoble.

Key research interests

  • Climate finance
  • The intersection of climate and development
  • Impact investing and impact measurement
  • The role of the private sector in economic development