Kate Scott

Associate, University of Leeds

Kate Scott

Research Fellow in Ecological Economics, Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds


Kate has worked as a researcher in aspects of climate change policy since 2007. Key areas of Kate’s research include the theoretical analysis, practical development and application of (ecological-economic) models to assess the effectiveness of policies aimed at climate change mitigation. Recently Kate has developed an interest in understanding the potential role of consumption-based emissions accounting in informing additional opportunities and threats in UK climate mitigation policy. The main method for consumption-based emission accounting is multi-region input-output analysis.

Key research projects include:

  •  working with the Committee on Climate Change to explore therelevance of an 80% territorial reduction target for greenhouse gas emissions from a consumption-based perspective;
  • collaborating with UCL energy systems modellers to investigate whether emission accounting from a consumption perspective affects energy system decarbonisation pathways;
  • investigating additional strategy options such as resource demand for climate mitigation for government departments (Defra and WRAP) and;
  • investigating the unintended consequences to wider environmental indicators and whether there are trade-offs to be made in a low carbon transition in collaboration with the Environment theme in the UK Energy Research Centre.

Research Interests

  • climate policy
  • policy analysis
  • consumption-based accounting
  • input-output modelling
  • low carbon pathways