Developing and Deploying Low-Carbon Energy Technologies: prospects, progress and policies

Date: 16 May 2012
Speaker(s): Peter Taylor
Venue: University of Leeds

Part of the CCCEP / SRI seminar series 2011-2012

There is an urgent need to decarbonise global energy systems to tackle the twin challenges of mitigating climate change and improving energy security. What mix of technologies can help achieve this? How much will it cost? What progress is being made? Which policies can help accelerate the necessary changes? Professor Taylor will cover these and other issues, drawing on the results of his current research at the University of Leeds and on his previous activities at the International Energy Agency.

Peter’s research combines science, technology, economics and policy to enhance the understanding of, and policy responses to, the challenges of accelerating the transition to sustainable low-carbon energy systems. Prior to joining the University of Leeds in September 2011, Peter was Head of the Energy Technology Policy Division at the International Energy Agency in Paris and, previous to that, Technical Director of Future Energy Solutions (a business of AEA Technology plc), a large UK energy and environmental consultancy.