Webinar | Climate Change Laws of the World – global trends in legislation and litigation

Date: 5 Jun 2017 2:30 pm — 4:00 pm
Venue: Webinar

This webinar marked the launch of ‘Climate Change Laws of the World’ (formerly ‘the Global Climate Legislation Study). This is the most comprehensive climate change legislation and litigation online knowledge resource, designed for legislators, policymakers, scholars and law professionals. The resource covers over 1,200 climate change laws and policies in 164 countries, and over 250 climate litigation cases from 25 countries. It is the fruit of a merger between the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics and the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia Law School.

  • Opening remarks from Prof. Sam Fankhauser, Co-Director of the Grantham Research Institute and Prof. Michael Burger, Executive Director, Sabin Center.
  • The webinar will feature a detailed review by Dr Michal Nachmanny and Dr Justin Gundlach of trends in climate change legislation and litigation and their role in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, based on the report Global trends in climate change legislation and litigation – 2017 update’.
  • A guided review of the online tool ‘Climate Change Laws of the World’, allowing users to familiarise themselves with this valuable resource and to optimise their use and benefit of it.



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