Past Events

Details of events for the new academic term will be posted here later in the summer.

Munich Re seminar: Improving the IPCC’s Uncertainty Management in Assessing Climate Change, Impacts and Response

Speaker(s): Professor Arthur Petersen
13 May 2010

Dealing consistently with risk and uncertainty across the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports is a difficult challenge. Huge practical difficulties arise from the Panel’s scale and interdisciplinary context, the complexity of the climate change issue and its political context. In this presentation, the observed differences in the handling of uncertainties by the three […]

Workshop on risk perception and insurance in the context of climate change

10 May 2010

As part of the Munich Re research programme The workshop aimed to foster an exchange of knowledge in the area of the impact of risk perception on the demand for insurance in an environment of changing risk levels. The workshop was held as part of work programme E of the Munich Re Programme at the Centre for Climate Change […]

Responding to Climate Change: going beyond dangerous

Speaker(s): Professor Kevin Anderson, Professor Andy Gouldson
4 May 2010 at University of Leeds

Public lecture at the University of Leeds Professor Kevin Anderson offered a stark assessment of the prospects for avoiding dangerous levels of climate change. An audience of well over a hundred, including students, academics, activists, businesspeople and policy makers, attended the lecture. Richard Turton, Strategy Manager for Yorkshire Forward, said it was: “An excellent lecture on […]

Weather and Death in India

Speaker(s): Robin Burgess
29 Apr 2010 at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Part of the Climate Change and Environment Seminar Series. Abstract We investigate the relationship between weather (temperature and precipitation extremes) and mortality rates in India from 1957-2000. Our estimates imply that hot days cause large and statistically significant increases in both adult and infant mortality within a year of their occurrence. The effect of temperature extremes on […]

Climate Risk and the City

Speaker(s): David Wilkes, David Hetherington, Jon Andrews, Dr Matthew Hunt, Gail Hammond
18 Mar 2010

Part of ESRC’s Festival of Social Science at the University of Leeds Through a seminar, debate and exhibition, experts from the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, Leeds City Council, the Environment Agency, ARUP and FoE will consider the risks that climate change poses for cities in general and for Leeds in particular. Further […]

Climate Models; current science and common sense

Speaker(s): Professor Leonard Smith
16 Mar 2010

Part of ESRC’s Festival of Social Science Physical science does a much better job explaining the generalities of the past than predicting details of the future. So how can scientists inform climate policy: policy on international agreements limiting future emissions, on stimulating relevant technological development, on disaster aid, ideally on reducing the severity of future disasters […]

Incentivising Private Investment in Carbon Abatement

Speaker(s): Ben Irons (Mckinsey)
4 Mar 2010

Part of the Climate Change and Environment Seminar Series Hosted jointly by the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, CCCEP, and the Department of Geography and Environment at LSE.

Governing Clean Development

Speaker(s): Professor Peter Newell
2 Mar 2010

Part of CCCEP’s 2009-2010 Seminar Series at the University of Leeds