Past Events

Sustainable Materials: with both eyes open

Speaker(s): Julian Allwood
27 Nov 2013 at University of Leeds

SRI / INDEMAND / CCCEP seminar One third of the world’s carbon emissions are emitted by industry. Most industrial emissions relate to producing materials, and steel and cement are by far the most important contributors. The industries that make materials are energy-intensive, so have always been motivated to be efficient, and have now reached a […]

Maximising Academic Impact, Minimising Environmental Impact: towards the development of a low carbon, more sustainable academic travel policy

13 Nov 2013 at University of Leeds

SRI/CCCEP seminar Speakers/panel: Professor Kevin Anderson, Professor of Energy and Climate Change, University of Manchester; Professor Lindsay Stringer, Director of the Sustainability Research Institute (SRI) and Professor in Environment and Development; Professor John Barrett, Professor of Sustainability Research, University of Leeds; Katie Livesey, Student Experience Officer and Green Impact Co-ordinator for the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds […]

The Burning Question: We can’t burn half the world’s oil, coal and gas. So how do we quit?

Speaker(s): Duncan Clark
5 Nov 2013 at University of Leeds

Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy’s Big Climate Change Debate As debate continues to rage about the role technologies such as ‘fracking’ should play in the UK’s future energy security, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change publishes the first part of its 5th Assessment Report. One of its key findings is that the world […]

Essential Planetary Maintenance Engineering or Defence of the Global Economic Status-Quo? Exploring contending framings of climate geoengineering

Speaker(s): Rose Cairns
23 Oct 2013 at University of Leeds

This seminar explored different ideas about what geoengineering means, examining ways in which it is being framed by those most active in these debates, and asked what the implications of various framings might be for the future development trajectories of these technologies, and climate policy more broadly. The term ‘geoengineering’ has become massively more prominent […]

Sustainable Value Drivers

Speaker(s): Professor Frank Figge
9 Oct 2013 at University of Leeds

Sustainability Research Institute’s 2013-14 Seminar Series Eco-efficiency is often considered the gold standard for managerial decision making in an environmental context because it seemingly reconciles the efficient use of capital and the efficient use of environmental resources. We challenge this view by disaggregating eco-efficiency to provide an in-depth analysis of corporate eco-efficiency and to identify […]

Frontiers in Climate Change Economics and Policy Research: taking stock, moving forward

25 Sep 2013 at The Royal Society, London

ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy conference: including the Munich Re Programme 2008 to 2013. More information Audio of event and presentations Programme 9.00 am Registration opens. 9.30 am Welcome Professor Judith Rees, Director, CCCEP, LSE 9.40 am An overview of key themes and findings from CCCEP Phase 1, including a round table discussion […]

Evaluating the Economics of Climate Risks and Opportunities in the Insurance Sector – five years of research under the LSE Munich Re programme

24 Sep 2013 at The Royal Society, London

ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy conference: including the Munich Re Programme 2008 to 2013. Date and location: Tuesday 24th September 2013, The Royal Society (conference room), London More information Audio of event Programme 1.00 pm Registration and Lunch 2.00 pm Welcome and introduction Professor Judith Rees, Director, CCCEP and Peter Höppe, Head Geo Risks Research, […]

Adaptation, Mitigation and Development

Speaker(s): Natalie Suckall, Vivek Mathur
12 Jun 2013 at University of Leeds

Part of the CCCEP Lunchtime Seminar Series 2012-13 Topics discussed included: Synergies and trade-offs in coastal Zanzibar Multi-level climate justice analysis of renewable energy clean development mechanism projects in India

Itinerant Farming to White House Arrests: a scientist’s view of the climate crisis

Speaker(s): James Hansen
16 May 2013 at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Public lecture at LSE, London The unfolding human-made climate crisis seems almost surrealistic from a scientific perspective. As knowledge of a climate emergency improves, policies change in ways that exacerbate rather than mitigate the situation. The tragedy is that actions needed to stabilise climate, rather than being painful to society, would have multiple benefits, including […]