Past Events

Financing Low Carbon Cities

2 May 2012 at Chatham House, London

The Centre for Low Carbon Futures (CLCF) and the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) jointly held this workshop More information Workshop agenda (PDF, 242KB) Workshop overview (PDF, 259KB) Discussion paper on funding decarbonisation (PDF, 35.2KB) Presentations Professor Andy Gouldson, University of Leeds: ‘The economics of low carbon cities: outcomes of a city-scale […]

Lessons from Historical Energy Transitions for Addressing Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Speaker(s): Arnulf Grubler
22 Mar 2012 at University of Leeds

Part of the CCCEP / SRI seminar series 2011-2012 The ‘grand’ history of past energy transitions is examined for recurrent patterns and drivers and their implications climate change protection and green growth policies. Four policy lessons stand out: Energy end-use and efficiency are key, as are tangible consumer benefits from the diffusion of new energy […]

Coupled Dynamic Modelling of the Economy and of the Climate System

Speaker(s): Michael Ghil
15 Mar 2012 at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Hosted jointly by the Centre for the Analysis of Time Series (CATS) and the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (and the Munich Re programme. We reviewed the classical arguments about business cycle modelling, using either endogenous business cycle (EnBC) models or ‘real’ business cycle (RBC) models. A particularly simple EnBC model, called the […]

Skills Constraints and Low-Carbon Transitions

Speaker(s): Nick Jagger
14 Mar 2012 at University of Leeds

Part of the CCCEP / SRI seminar series 2011-2012 The transition to a low-carbon economy will require sufficient people with appropriate qualifications and skills to develop manufacture install and operate the low-carbon technologies and approaches. The actual skills and numbers required are uncertain and will depend on the speed and direction of the transition pathways. […]

The Global Development Post-Durban Of Policy Regimes To Combat Climate Change

13 Mar 2012 at Wellcome Collection Conference Centre, London

Hosted by the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) and Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) More information – presentation slides The outlook for international climate-change mitigation policies post-Durban Professor Nicholas Stern – ‘The global development of policy regimes to combat climate change‘ (PDF, 207KB) Dr Robert Falkner – ‘Multilateralism in international […]

Economic analysis for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment

Speaker(s): Ian J. Bateman
8 Mar 2012 at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

This seminar will examine the application of economic analysis techniques within the expanding field of ecosystem service assessments. Taking as an example the recent UK National Ecosystem Assessment, we extend and apply methods for valuing changes in the services provided by the natural environment. Particular attention is given to the incorporation of spatial variation in […]

Zero Carbon Britain

Speaker(s): Paul Allen
6 Mar 2012 at University of Leeds

To help us understand how we can meet our 21st century challenges, CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain project assembles and integrates cutting-edge findings from a wide range of leading researchers to show what a genuinely sustainable future could look like. We can create a new kind of economy; stable in the long term, locally resilient, but […]

Permanence in REDD+ Schemes: empirical evidence from Kenya on labour-time allocation

Speaker(s): Stefanie Engel
5 Mar 2012

Part of the Climate Change and Environment Seminar Series: Lent Term 2012 Seminars Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) is currently a major topic in the debate on policies to mitigate climate change. Developing mechanisms to ensure equity and permanence is a major challenge in REDD+ scheme design. This study contributes to the […]

‘Clean’ or ‘Dirty’ Energy: evidence on a renewable energy resource curse

Speaker(s): Caterina Gennaioli
27 Feb 2012 at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The above paper, written by Caterina Gennaioli and Massimo Tavoni, will be presented. Taking a political economy approach, the link between public support schemes for renewable energy and the potential scope for rent seeking and corruption is analysed. The insights of a model of political influence by interest groups are tested empirically using a panel […]

The Role of Consumption in Driving CO2 Emissions

Speaker(s): John Barrett
15 Feb 2012 at University of Leeds

The seminar explores many of the key issues surrounding the UK’s GHG consumption-based emissions from a methodological and political perspective. The presentation will address the recent trends in consumption-based emissions, consider the robustness of measurements, address issues of carbon leakage, identify policy options and international responses.