Past Events

Itinerant Farming to White House Arrests: a scientist’s view of the climate crisis

Speaker(s): James Hansen
16 May 2013 at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Public lecture at LSE, London The unfolding human-made climate crisis seems almost surrealistic from a scientific perspective. As knowledge of a climate emergency improves, policies change in ways that exacerbate rather than mitigate the situation. The tragedy is that actions needed to stabilise climate, rather than being painful to society, would have multiple benefits, including […]

Project ICAD – Advancing Knowledge Systems to Inform Climate Adaptation Decisions

Speaker(s): Suraje Dessai, Geoff Whitman and James Porter
8 May 2013 at University of Leeds

Part of the CCCEP Lunchtime Seminar Series 2012-13 at University of Leeds Adaptation to climate variability and change represents an important challenge for the sustainable development of society. Informing climate-related decisions will require new kinds of information and new ways of thinking and learning to function effectively in a changing climate. Currently, we lack the […]

Dismantling Public Policy? Social and environmental policy in a period of austerity

Speaker(s): Andy Jordan
7 May 2013 at University of Leeds

CCCEP Spring Public Lecture at Leeds Policy dismantling is a distinctive form of policy change, which involves the cutting, reduction, diminution or complete removal of existing policies. The perceived need to dismantle existing policies normally acquires particular poignancy during periods of acute economic austerity. It can be especially productive of political conflict, pitting those who […]

Climate Change and the Governance of Corporations: what factors shape the policies and performance of multinational corporations on energy and carbon?

Speaker(s): Andy Gouldson, Rory Sullivan
13 Mar 2013 at University of Leeds

Part of the CCCEP Lunchtime Seminar Series 2012-13 The past decade has seen governments move away from traditional (command and control) forms of regulation, with many governments now seeking to influence business through the creation of incentives or the provision of information. This has contributed to a proliferation of private standards bodies and initiatives, the […]

Is natural gas the answer to the UK’s energy challenges?

Speaker(s): Professor Jim Watson
5 Mar 2013 at University of Leeds

CCCEP Climate Week lecture Gas supplies 30 per cent of the energy we use in the UK: to heat our homes, to power industry and to generate electricity. Within the low-carbon transition that the UK needs to make, gas will continue to be important. It will be some time before the millions of households that rely […]

Employment, Skills and the Low Carbon Economy: understanding and shaping the impacts of the green deal

Speaker(s): Nick Jagger
13 Feb 2013 at University of Leeds

Part of the CCCEP Lunchtime Seminar Series 2012-13 The Green Deal is the main Government Initiative promoting energy efficiency measures in homes and commercial premises. Given the importance of these areas for carbon emissions, as well as the potential employment and carbon reduction outcomes of energy efficiency measures, the Green Deal will be critical for […]