Past Events

Expert Workshop on Jobs, Skills and the Low Carbon Economy

Speaker(s): Andy Gouldson
4 Dec 2012 at The Royal Society, London

The Centre hosted an expert workshop attended by 30 participants from Government, Industry, Skills Bodies, Local Authorities, NGOs, Energy Service Companies, Low Carbon Certification Bodies and Academia. More information Download the workshop agenda (PDF, 202KB) Download the briefing note (MS Word, 193KB) Download the workshop summary (MS Word, 177KB)

Insurance in emerging markets: determinants of growth and the case of climate change?

21 Nov 2012 at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The ‘LSE/MR Symposium on Insurance in Emerging Markets’ brought together a small group of leading academics and practitioners to discuss the different determinants of insurance growth. The aim was to have an open exchange on latest findings, considering evidence from emerging markets and developed markets, as well as comparing tools and methods for evaluation. Over […]

Unpacking Key Livelihood Challenges and Opportunities in Energy Crop Cultivation: village level perspectives on Jatropha curcas in Mali

Speaker(s): Nicola Favretto
14 Nov 2012 at University of Leeds

Part of the CCCEP Lunchtime Seminar Series 2012-13 The opportunities and benefits of biofuels as a viable option for enhancing access to energy, substituting oil and promoting sustainable development have attracted growing attention of policy, industry, non-governmental organisations and the research community. Nevertheless, empirical data on the prospective benefits and on-the-ground challenges of biofuels as […]

Late Lessons From Early Warnings about Hazards: why evidence gets ignored

Speaker(s): David Gee and Jouni Paavola
6 Nov 2012 at University of Leeds

Part of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy’s 2012-2013 Public Lecture Series: Autumn lecture (part of the ESRC’s Festival Of Social Science) If one looks at history, there has often been sufficient science to justify precautionary actions to reduce or eliminate harm from hazardous agents, decades before effective regulatory actions were eventually taken. […]

Repositioning the Climate Change Debate

Speaker(s): Jonathon Porritt, Andy Gouldson and Andy Shepherd
1 Nov 2012

A special alumni event Guest speakers included: Jonathon Porritt CBE (co-founder of Forum for the Future, co-director of The Prince of Wales’s Business and Sustainability Programme and ex-Director of Friends of the Earth) on ‘Innovation in a low carbon future’ Andy Gouldson (Director of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, School of Earth […]

Climate Scepticism – is it primarily found in the English-speaking world, and if so, why?

Speaker(s): James Painter
24 May 2012 at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Climate Change and Environment Seminar Series: Summer Term The presentation will focus on the prevalence of climate scepticism – in its various forms – in the print media around the world. Most previous academic research on climate scepticism has tended to focus on the way it has been organised, and its impact on policy outputs, […]

The Political Economy of Environmental Policy with Overlapping Generations

Speaker(s): Armon Rezai
17 May 2012 at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Climate Change and Environment Seminar Series: Summer Term A two-sector OLG model illuminates previously unexamined intergenerational effects of a tax that protects an environmental stock. A traded asset capitalises the economic returns to future tax-induced environmental improvements, benefiting the current asset owners, the old generation. Absent a transfer, the tax harms the young generation by […]

Developing and Deploying Low-Carbon Energy Technologies: prospects, progress and policies

Speaker(s): Peter Taylor
16 May 2012 at University of Leeds

Part of the CCCEP / SRI seminar series 2011-2012 There is an urgent need to decarbonise global energy systems to tackle the twin challenges of mitigating climate change and improving energy security. What mix of technologies can help achieve this? How much will it cost? What progress is being made? Which policies can help accelerate […]

Hurricane Forecasting: skill and value

15 May 2012 at University of Leeds

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) hosted an academic symposium on Hurricane Forecasting, with a focus on questions relating to the construction, evaluation and use of hurricane forecasts on seasonal scales. The aim of the symposium was to present the findings from the LSE’s work in this area, funded by the CCCEP […]