Past Events

How can Climate Change Science and Economics Better Support the Insurance Industry?

26 Oct 2010

Industry roundtable As part of the Munich Re programme Eighteen representatives of the insurance industry attended and engaged in discussions with the aim of helping improve the London School of Economics and Political Science’s understanding of the needs of the insurance industry related to climate change science and economics. The afternoon was also used to present […]

Europe in the New Energy World Order

Speaker(s): Lykke Friis
19 Oct 2010 at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Part of the APCO Worldwide Perspectives on Europe Series The cold war era was characterised by a bipolarity based on ideologies and nuclear arms. The post cold war era will increasingly be defined by energy. Power and economic welfare will depend on a country’s or region’s access to the world’s decreasing fossil fuels or the development […]

From Copenhagen to Legoland?

Speaker(s): Robert Falkner
18 Oct 2010 at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Part of the Climate Change and Environment Autumn 2010 seminar series In his seminar, Robert argued that we needed a major reassessment of the current approach to building a climate regime was needed, which was focused on the idea of a comprehensive, universal and legally binding treaty that prescribes, in a top-down fashion, generally applicable policies […]

Robust Decisions Under Uncertainty: examples of info-gap analysis in mitigation policy and flood risk management

Speaker(s): Jim W. Hall
14 Oct 2010 at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Robustness has been widely identified as a desirable attribute of decisions that have to be taken under conditions of severe uncertainty. We think of a decision being robust to uncertainty if it yields acceptable outcomes under a wide range of possible futures. Yet robustness is seldom cost free. It usually entails sacrificing some performance relative […]

Closing the Loop: climate science, development practice and policy interactions in dryland agro-ecological systems

Speaker(s): Andy Dougill, Claire Quinn, Elisabeth Simelton
5 Oct 2010 at University of Leeds

The literature on drought, livelihoods and poverty suggested that dryland people are especially vulnerable to climate change. However, assessing vulnerability and sharing lessons between regions has proven difficult. The seminar reflected on a structured, multi-scale, interdisciplinary vulnerability assessment of six dryland regions. Studies adopt different levels of quantification to assess: The added value provided by […]

Conference: Grand Challenges in the Transition Towards a Low-Carbon, Climate Resilient Society

Speaker(s): Michael Jacobs, Simon Dietz, Jouni Paavola, Emma Tompkins, Samuel Fankhauser, Andy Gouldson
16 Sep 2010 at Clement House, London School of Economics, Aldwych, London WC2B 4JF

The conference included presentations on themes such as climate uncertainties and innovations for a low-carbon economy. Programme Conference schedule (PDF), including details of practitioner and academic commentaries Presentation slides Simon Dietz (PDF) Jouni Paavola (PDF) Emma Tompkins (PDF) Sam Fankhauser (PDF) Videos Video of Michael Jacobs’ keynote address   Video about The Ellsberg Paradox, referenced in Simon Dietz’s presentation

PhD Symposium: Towards Low-Carbon, Climate-Resilient Societies

Speaker(s): Andy Gouldson, Evan Fraser
15 Sep 2010 at Clement House, London School of Economics, Aldwych, London WC2B 4JF

The symposium aimed to build capacities and communities of early stage researchers in areas related to climate change economics and policy. ProgrammeSymposium schedule Symposium schedule (PDF) Presentation slides Keynote address from Andy Gouldson – Research Challenges on the Low-Carbon Economy (PDF) Keynote address from Evan Fraser – Research Challenges on Climate-Resilient Societies: the case for food security (PDF) Research methods workshop […]

Terrestrial Carbon and Climate Change

Speaker(s): Ralph Ashton, Andy Gouldson
8 Jun 2010

Where, why and how agriculture, forests and other land use can play their part As part of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) 2009-2010 Seminar Series at the University of Leeds Further reading: Policy Brief 7, ‘Roadmap for Terrestrial Carbon Science’, and Policy Brief 6, ‘Estimating Terrestrial Carbon at Risk of Emission’, are […]