The Paris Climate Agreement 2015

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At the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) 195 countries agreed to a new global deal to tackle climate change (PDF). In the lead up to the summit the Centre carried out research on a range of topics that are central to achieving a successful and workable deal.

Unpacking the Paris Agreement: Is it enough to limit dangerous climate change?

Speaker(s): Piers Forster, Andy Gouldson, John Barrett, Harriet Thew
3 Feb 2016 at Conference Auditorium, University of Leeds

This event features a number of experts in the field of climate change science and policy in a panel debate to discuss what the historic Paris agreement means and how we can meet the targets set.

The road to Paris and beyond

Policy publication by Rodney Boyd, Nicholas Stern on 31 Aug 2015

This paper shows that effective international cooperation can help the world develop along a 2°C pathway and adapt to the climatic changes already locked-in as a result of past and ongoing greenhouse gas emissions. read more »