Alexandra Dorgan

Research Student, University of Leeds

Alexandra Dorgan

Alexandra’s PhD is on ‘Competing demands for carbon sequestration and water resources: modelling and valuing of ecosystem services in the context of climate change’.

This project will evaluate competing land uses for maintaining sustainable communities in contrast to the provision of broader ecosystem services (ES), using a comparative study of carbon-finance initiatives and CBNRM in both Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

This is with a view to developing ‘bottom-up’ and sustainable business insights from the identification of local needs, and supported by the application of agent-based modelling approaches.


Alexandra studied PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) at Lincoln College, Oxford (2:1). She also has an MSc in Environmental Technology (specialising in Environmental Economics) at Imperial College London (Distinction). Her MSc thesis was on ‘Green jobs: the employment impacts of investment in energy efficiency retrofits of the UK’s existing housing stock’ and was undertaken with UKERC.

Research interests

  • PES (and CBNRM);
  • Philosophical underpinnings of environmental management schemes;
  • Impact of climate change on environmental management schemes;
  • Community-based initiatives to address environmental problems;
  • Input-output modelling;
  • UK EERE, particularly energy efficiency in housing.