Ruth Jihyung Joo

Ruth Jihyung Joo is a PhD student at Sustainability Research Institute, studying international linkage of emission trading schemes, the market-based policy instrument to reduce greenhouse gas. In her research she tries to evaluate functioning of the global carbon markets including EU and South Korea, and analyzes prospects for linkages. She previously worked as a researcher […]

Marina Nazneen

Marina Nazneen, a Deputy Secretary to the Government of Bangladesh has worked in the core policy making and coordination desk of Climate Change in the Ministry of Environment, Forest and … read more »

Pia Andres

Pia’s doctoral research explores the role of industrial policy in promoting renewable energy technology innovation and uptake. A particular focus is on protectionism and points of conflict between industrial policy … read more »

Glen Gostlow

Glen’s research seeks to understand the factors that impact and determine capital allocation decisions in modern economies by identifying common environmental risk factors. He is especially interested in the impact … read more »

Zexiang Wang

Zexiang joined CCCEP in October 2016 as a PhD Student and is working on Emissions trading markets in EU and China: A varieties of capitalism analysis with Professor Jouni Paavola and Dr Stephen Hall.

Jefim Vogel

Jefim joined as a PhD student in January 2018, working on the environmental efficiency of well-being, with Dr Julia Steinberger, Dr Dan O’Neill, and Dr William Lamb (MCC Berlin).

Seunghan Lee

Seunghan is a PhD student with Professor Jouni Paavola and Professor Suraje Dessai, looking at the improvement of the process of making national adaptation policy, across both the UK and South Korea.

Josiane Kakeu

Josiane is a PhD student with Dr Monica Di Gregorio and Professor Jouni Paavola, researching whether the multiplicity of environmental agreements and the multiple levels of governance undermine or support REDD+ performance in the Congo Basin forests.

Marta Baltruszewics

Marta is conducting a PhD with Dr. Julia Steinberger, Professor Jouni Paavola, and Dr Anne Owen at the University of Leeds, on the topic of Living well within limits – at the household level. Marta’s research intends to measure and analyse energy footprints at the household level, for the purpose of understanding the energy service dependency of human […]

Carlotta Clivio

Research at GRI: Carlotta is an International Relations researcher with a strong interest in the foreign policy and environmental diplomacy of the People’s Republic of China. Background Carlotta has been … read more »