Leanne Cass

Leanne is a third year PhD candidate in Environmental Economics. Leanne’s current research focuses on the mitigation of GHG emissions from meat consumption and her thesis will consider the role … read more »

Chiara Sotis

Chiara is interested in the behavioural and economic drivers of people’s decisions affecting the environment. Her research focuses on the role that information and social learning play in determining environmental … read more »

Eunjeong Park

Eunjeong’s research focuses on how normative power, as exercised collectively by subnational and nonstate actors, shapes the behaviour of states in making their voluntary commitments towards global climate action. Background … read more »

Yang Zheng

Yang’s research is mainly focused on understanding how environmental policy influences green innovation and firm competitiveness. He is particularly interested in the design and evaluation of China’s Carbon Emission Trading … read more »

Anshuman Tiwari

Anshuman began his PhD in Environmental Economics at the LSE in 2017. He is interested in exploring the interactions between development policies and programs and climate change. Among the issues … read more »

Janna Tenzing

Janna’s research focuses on the human dimensions of vulnerability to climate change (particularly in least developed countries), and the role of social protection in national adaptation strategies for building resilience. … read more »

Matthias Täger

In his PhD Matthias explores how financial market actors govern their relationships with the environment, focusing on the Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). His research aims at understanding … read more »

Yu Sun

Yu’s research focus is sustainable economic growth and uncertainty. In particular, Yu is interested in the links between endogenous growth, environment and health. Background Yu is a dissertation support tutor … read more »

Lorenzo Sileci

Lorenzo is finalising a paper on the consequences of the REDD+ agreement between Norway and Indonesia: Has the 2011 Moratorium on oil palm, timber and logging Concessions been effective in … read more »

Julien Picard

Julien joined the LSE in 2019 as a PhD/Phil student in Environmental Economics.  His research focuses on how our behaviours can affect our ability to switch to greener consumption habits … read more »