Marta Baltruszewics

Research Student, University of Leeds

Marta Baltruszewics

Marta is conducting a PhD with Dr. Julia Steinberger, Professor Jouni Paavola, and Dr Anne Owen at the University of Leeds, on the topic of Living well within limits – at the household level. Marta’s research intends to measure and analyse energy footprints at the household level, for the purpose of understanding the energy service dependency of human need satisfaction in selected countries. This endeavour goes beyond past studies of household footprint measurements in several key ways. First, it will connect energy footprints, not just with consumption patterns or income/expenditure levels, but with well-being. Second, it aims to map energy use to broader energy services (the ultimate purpose of energy consumption). Third, it will do so for six countries.

2014 – MSc in Industrial Ecology at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trnodheim, Norway

2011 – MSocSci in Sociology at University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland.

Research Interests

Multiregional Input Output, households’ energy footprint, energy services, human wellbeing.