Solene Guenat

Research Student, University of Leeds

Solene Guenat

Solene is a postgraduate researcher working with Dr Martin Dallimer, Prof Bill Kunin and Prof Andy Dougil as part of the Sustainability Research Institute. Her project aims to measure the potential of small Ghanaian cities to provide ecosystem services and understand the urban dwellers’ perception of ecosystem services. She is a member of the environment and development research group.

Prior to starting my PhD, she completed her Masters in ecology at the Lund University. Having always been interested in the interactions between humans and the natural environment, Solene specialised in conservation and agro-ecology and wrote her master thesis on the effects of agroforestry on biological control in small-scale farms of Kenya. She has work experience as science outreach officer.


2014: Master of Science MSc. at Lund University, Sweden: Biology, with specialization in Ecology

Thesis: Assessing the effects of agroforestry practices on biological control potential in kale (Brassica oleracea acephala) plantations in Western Kenya

2012: Bachelor of Science BSc. (with honors) at the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland: Biology and Ethnology


British Ecological Society

Research Interests

– Urban ecosystems

– Ecosystem services

– Pollination

– Perception of the natural environment

– Natural resources management