What drives the international transfer of climate change mitigation technologies? Empirical evidence from patent data

Produced as part of the Governments, markets and climate change mitigation CCCEP research programme theme


Using patent data from 66 countries for the 1990–2003 period, we characterise the factors that promote or hinder the international diffusion of climate-friendly technologies on a global scale.

Regression results show that technology-specific capabilities of the recipient countries are determinant factors. In contrast, the general level of education is less important.

We also show that restrictions to international trade, such as high tariff rates, and lax intellectual property regimes negatively influence the international diffusion of patented knowledge.

A counter-intuitive result is that barriers to foreign direct investments can promote transfers. We discuss different possible interpretations.

Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Matthieu Glachant and Yann Ménière