Creating an enabling environment for investment in climate services: The case of Uruguay’s National Agricultural Information System

Research article by Catherine Vaughan, Suraje Dessai on 18 Nov 2017

Increasingly challenged by climate variability and change, many of the world’s governments have turned to climate services as a means to improve decision making and mitigate climate-related risk. While there have been some efforts to evaluate the economic impact of climate services, little is known about the contexts in which investments in climate services have […]

Integrating climate adaptation, water governance and conflict management policies in lake riparian zones: Insights from African drylands

Research article by Uche Okpara, Lindsay Stringer, Andy Dougill on 18 Nov 2017

As river basin authorities and national governments develop policies to achieve sustainable development outcomes, conflicting signals between existing policies are undermining cross-thematic integrative modes of policy planning. This raises fundamental questions over how coherent portfolios of policy interventions across vital themes can best be advanced and managed. Taking the Lake Chad Basin (LCB) as an […]

Assessing coherence between sector polices and climate compatible development: opportunities for triple wins

Research article by Philip Antwi-Agyei, Andy Dougill, Lindsay Stringer on 18 Nov 2017

Climate Compatible Development (CCD) aims to deliver adaptation and mitigation without compromising development progress. To date, adaptation, mitigation and development related to key climate-sensitive sectors have often been treated separately. This paper uses qualitative document analysis, content analysis, expert interviews and a multi-stakeholder workshop to: examine the extent to which policies in climate-sensitive sectors align […]