Assessing the Quality of Regional Climate Information

Abstract There are now a plethora of data, models, and approaches available to produce regional and local climate information intended to inform adaptation to a changing climate. There is, however, no framework to assess the quality of these data, models, and approaches that takes into account the issues that arise when this information is produced. […]

Insurance and financial services across developing countries: an empirical study of coverage and demand

Analysing household data from 16 developing countries across Asia and Africa, this paper examines the landscape of access to and sources of financial services. The results shed new light on how insurance uptake could be increased through more tailored and targeted products and services that are designed to meet local needs and requirements in the face of climate and other shocks. read more »

How Climate-Resilient Are London’s Businesses?

This business roundtable event, being held as part of as part of London Climate Action Week, explores London’s physical and transition climate risks and what this means for businesses in London.

Pricing ambiguity in catastrophe risk insurance

The authors of this paper apply a newly developed insurance pricing model to two catastrophe model data sets relating to hurricane risk in two locations in the Atlantic basin, estimating ambiguity loads – the extra insurance premium due to ambiguity – and showing how these depend on the insurer’s attitude to ambiguity. read more »