Politics given precedence over climate targets

The report that the UK government is allegedly preparing to use previous overperformance in reducing carbon emissions when calculating its carbon budget for up to 2027 indicates a worrying willingness to game the system on meeting crucial climate change targets says Sam Fankhauser in this letter to the FT.
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China’s 14th Plan, sustainable development and the new era

Headline issues Wellbeing, quality and sustainability: the new focuses of China’s transformation The 14th Five-Year Plan (covering 2021–25) will be a crucial element in shaping the new era, for China and for the world. China’s transformation has seen it rise from low-income to upper-middle-income status in just over four decades. China will transform again in […]

Subnational Leaders and Diplomacy

Subnational diplomacy has become an increasingly important part of foreign policy and international relations. This observation concerns a state of affairs that is not necessarily obvious or given. First, by … read more »