The impact of current climate policies on greenhouse gas emissions

Shaikh Eskander and Sam Fankhauser share the results of their new study that shows the carbon savings made due to climate change laws and policies over the last two decades and call on policymakers to adopt identified good practice to enable deeper cuts in emissions.

Financing climate change and sustainable growth

Presentation given by Nicholas Stern at the Pledging Conference for GCF’s First Replenishment 24–25 October 2019. In the presentation Professor Lord Nicholas Stern outlines how well designed sustainable  infrastructure can be pro growth, pro poor, and pro climate. read more »

More action please on climate change

In a letter to the Evening Standard Bob Ward calls for politicians to respond with more ambitious plans to cut greenhouse-gas emissions. This is in the light of a recent report in the paper showing that 85% of British adults are now concerned about global warming. read more »

Global trends in climate change litigation: 2019 snapshot

This policy report provides an overview of current issues in climate change litigation, focusing on selected cases and developments from May 2018 to May 2019. The report draws on the Climate Change Laws of the World database and the U.S. Climate Change Litigation database. Headline issues Climate change litigation continues to expand across jurisdictions as […]