Harriet Thew

Research student, University of Leeds

Harriet Thew

Project Title

UK Youth Participation in Climate Change Decision Making.


Harriet has an MSc in Sustainability, Environment and Development from the University of Leeds and a BA in History from the University of Leicester.

Prior to entering the world of academia, Harriet spent six years managing climate change adaptation and climate change education projects at local and international levels.

In June 2012 she represented the Major Group for Children and Youth at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) and, in December of the same year, advocated for creation of a new work programme on climate change education and public participation at the United Nations Framework Convention (UNFCCC) on Climate Change’s 18th Conference of the Parties (COP18).  This led to a specific interest in youth participation and agency and a sustained engagement in the UNFCCC which continues to shape her research focus.

Research Interests

  • Children and youth participation in environmental governance
  • Social and intergenerational justice
  • Power, recognition and agency of different stakeholder groups
  • International climate change negotiations