Katy Roelich

Associate, University of Leeds

Katy Roelich


Katy has extensive experience in environmental and engineering consulting in the UK and overseas and, more recently sustainability research. During the decade she spent working in consultancy she provided environmental and sustainability advice to a wide range of industries including utilities, nuclear, oil, mining, rail, road and housing working for the private sector, government agencies and utility companies.

In 2010 she moved to the Stockholm Environment Institute to work in the field of sustainable consumption and production research, predominantly in the application of environment-economy models to policy analysis and development. Her work at SEI involved producing scenarios for sustainable consumption and production in Europe and investigating our reliance on scarce metals of low carbon transitions.

Her current research activities centre around the governance of sustainable transitions and in particular transitions in infrastructure, (mostly energy and water), and consumption). Her research is predominantly based in the UK and Europe but she is looking for opportunities to apply it in a development context too.

Research Interests:

  • Governance of sustainable transitions
  • Adaptive and dynamic decision making
  • Community infrastructure management
  • The non-monetary value created by community infrastructure management.