Caroline Ward

Research Fellow, University of Leeds

Caroline Ward

Caroline joined SRI in 2014 to complete a PhD titled “How does protected area governance affect access to ecosystem services and local livelihoods? Insights from Madagascar”. Caroline is currently working with Professor Lindsay Stringer as part of the “Enhancing the benefits of tropical peatland restoration for supporting local communities and ecosystem processes” project, led by Professor Jane Hill at the University of York. The project focusses on an area of peatlands in Jambi province, Sumatra. Caroline’s role in the project is to explore smallholder and higher level stakeholder perceptions of peatland restoration through questionnaires and interviews.

Previously to starting her PhD Caroline worked on multiple conservation projects around the globe, including in Madagascar, The Seychelles, Bonaire and Belize.

Find her on twitter: @carolinefmward


  • 2018 PhD, University of Leeds
  • 2013 MSc Conservation Science, Imperial College
    • Research project: Social dynamics of a human-wildlife conflict: understanding attitudes and behaviours towards Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots in Bonaire
  • 2011 BSc Zoology (specialising in Conservation & Ecology), University of Southampton