Maria Carvalho

Policy Analyst, LSE

Maria Carvalho

Maria worked as a policy analyst for the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change & Environment (GRI), focusing on energy and climate policies for the EU, along with North American policy engagement. She initially joined the GRI as a PhD student in 2010.


Maria’s PhD was on ‘The internationalisation of green technologies and the realisation of green growth”. Her research investigates how different economies can realise opportunities for green growth from different industrial activities (such as innovation, manufacturing and markets) based on: the comparative advantages of the economy; the stage of development a particular technology; and the costs of trade. The research also considers how political economy factors affect ‘who collaborates with whom’ in the international research of green technologies. The findings seek to advance the competitiveness debate by recognising the tension between the internationalisation of green technologies and the realisation of green growth in domestic economies.

Prior to her PhD, Maria worked for Maria worked for New Energy Finance (acquired by Bloomberg) for two years in the Carbon Markets team. She has also consulted during her PhD for the World Bank, the Overseas Development Institute, the UN Commission on Trade and Development, the GRI at the LSE, and UCL’s Green Economy Policy Commission.

Maria holds a PhD with the Geography and Environment Department at the LSE (2015), an MSc in Environmental Policy & Regulation (2007 with Distinction), and a BAH in Economics & Developmental Studies and Queen’s University, Canada (2006).


Research interests

  • Energy, climate and innovation policies, and impacts on low-carbon energy transitions
  • International political economy of green industrial policies, and its effects on global value chains of green technologies
  • Green growth and competitiveness
  • Role of the private sector in green technologies