Sini Matikainen

Former Policy Analyst

Sini Matikainen

Sini Matikainen worked at the Grantham Research Institute from June 2016 until September 2018 as a policy analyst.


Before joining the Grantham Institute, Sini worked at the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) Secretariat at the European Central Bank on the potential systemic risk to the financial sector of a transition to a low-carbon economy.  The resulting paper focused particularly on macroeconomic impacts of energy price shocks and financial system exposure to carbon-intensive assets, and the associated macroprudential policy implications. She has research experience at the Ecologic Institute in Berlin and Stanford’s political science department, and also worked for a time in tech startups.

She holds a BA in economics, with distinction, from Stanford University; an MSc in International Management and CEMS from ESADE Business School; and an MSc in Environment and Development, with distinction, from the LSE, where her master’s dissertation developed a new quantitative methodology to examine the relationship between media framing and public engagement online.

Sini’s research interests include international and European climate