Trends in climate change legislation

A deepening understanding of the importance of climate change has caused a recent and rapid increase in the number of climate change or climate-related laws. Trends in Climate Change Legislation offers an astute analysis of the political, institutional and economic factors that have motivated this surge, placing it into context.

By focusing the analysis on both developed and developing countries, the contributors offer an extensive exploration of climate change legislation, and how it has been enacted on a global scale. Vitally, they make the link between the international commitments under the Paris Agreement and their delivery at national level. Concluding that strong climate legislation is essential to give credibility to the pledges that countries made in Paris, this book identifies the key provisions that good climate laws should contain, and addresses factors that influence the passing of climate laws.

This stimulating and informative book will be of particular interest to parliamentarians, policy makers and lawyers involved in areas of climate policy and environmental law. It will also appeal to students and researchers with an interest in climate change legislation.

Editors: A. Averchenkova, S. Fankhauser, M. Nachmany

Contributors: A. Abeysinghe, A. Averchenkova, M. Bangalore, S. Barakat, A. Bowen, A. Clare, S. Fankhauser, J. França, I. Galarraga, C. Gennaioli, F. Green, S. Matikainen, M. Nachmany, I. Neuweg, E. Sainz de Murieta, J. Setzer

Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017.
ISBN: 978 1 78643 577 4

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