Susannah Mary Sallu

Associate Professor in Environment and Development, University of Leeds

Susannah Mary Sallu

Susannah is Associate Professor in Environment and Development at the Sustainability Research Institute at University of Leeds. She is also Deputy Co-Director of the Centre for Global Development and Africa College Champion in Rural Livelihoods and Sustainability.

Research focus: Susannah’s research focusses on environment-development issues in Africa. She incorporates theories, tools and techniques from the natural and social sciences to better understand environment-society dynamics and interactions. She has particular expertise in the assessment of social-ecological resilience and sustainability, ecosystem services, rural livelihoods and poverty dynamics; natural resource management and participatory governance.

Current research: Current research focuses on investigating the barriers and limits to change adaptation and the relationships between Climate Change related mechanisms (e.g. REDD+ and CDM), Payment for Ecosystem Services, Sustainable Agricultural Intensification, Conservation Agriculture, Climate-smart Agriculture and poverty alleviation in Africa. Susannah has a particular focus on East and Southern Africa, particularly Tanzania where she has worked for over 14 years.

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