Public lecture | A proposal for climate justice

Professor Jeffrey Sachs will introduce a proposed standard for climate action, financing, and side payments between countries. Jeffrey D. Sachs (@JeffDSachs) is Professor of Economics at Columbia University, a leader in sustainable development, … read more »

Investigating Climate Compatible Development Outcomes and their Implications for Distributive Justice: Evidence from Malawi

Governments and donors are investing in climate compatible development in order to reduce climate and development vulnerabilities. However, the rate at which climate compatible development is being operationalised has outpaced academic enquiry into the concept. Interventions aiming to achieve climate compatible development “wins” (for development, mitigation, adaptation) can also create negative side-effects. Moreover, benefits and […]

Researching climate change and community in neoliberal contexts: an emerging critical approach

In a 2011 contribution to this journal, Walker examined the ways that community is routinely employed in carbon governance, suggesting the need for more critical approaches. Here, we characterize an emerging, critical approach to researching climate change and community in neoliberal contexts, focusing attention principally on the global north, where this body of research has […]

Social discounting: the SOC/STP divide

More than 50 years of social discounting literature have not delivered satisfactory academic guidance to government practitioners. Users of the social opportunity cost (SOC) paradigm do not always appreciate that … read more »

Cooperation in the climate commons

This paper surveys the existing empirical evidence on the scope for cooperation in the climate commons and on the effectiveness of possible interventions to spur it. Given the global public … read more »

Can low-carbon urban development be pro-poor? The case of Kolkata, India

Fast-growing cities in the global South have an important role to play in climate change mitigation. However, city governments typically focus on more pressing socioeconomic needs, such as reducing urban poverty. To what extent can social, economic and climate objectives be aligned? Focusing on Kolkata in India, we consider the economic case for low-carbon urban […]

Speech – ‘The Stern Review +10: new opportunities for growth and development’

Speech given by Professor Lord Stern of Brentford at The Royal Society on 28th October 2016 ‘The Criticality of the Next 10 Years: Delivering the Global Agenda and Building Infrastructure for the 21st Century’ – Download PDF of presentation slides Last night in a lecture at the London School of Economics and Political Science, I […]

Exploring power and procedural justice within Climate Compatible Development design: whose priorities are being considered?

Climate compatible development (CCD) is gaining traction as a conceptual framework for mainstreaming climate change mitigation and adaptation within development efforts. Understanding whether and how CCD design processes reconcile different stakeholder preferences can reveal how the concept contends with patterns of sociocultural and political oppression that condition patterns of development. We, therefore, explore procedural justice […]