Counting carbon or counting coal? Anchoring climate governance in fossil fuel-based accountability frameworks

Working paper by Fergus Green, Declan Kuch on 31 Aug 2021

This analysis explores schemes for the monitoring, reporting and verification of fossil fuels, and points to a hybrid fossil fuel-based accountability framework that accounts for infrastructure and production volumes. Such transparency would provide opportunities for democratic oversight of climate governance efforts and channels to hold states accountable for their climate performance.

Multi-level governance and power in climate change policy networks

Research article by Monica Di Gregorio, Leandra Fatorelli, Jouni Paavola, Bruno Locatelli, Emilia Pramova, Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat, Maria Brockhaus, Sonya Dyah Kusumadewi, Intan Maya Sari, Peter May on 29 Jan 2019

This article proposes an innovative theoretical framework that combines institutional and policy network approaches to study multi-level governance. The framework is used to derive a number of propositions on how cross-level power imbalances shape communication and collaboration across multiple levels of governance. The framework is then applied to examine the nature of cross-level interactions in […]

Can national policy blockages accelerate the development of polycentric governance? Evidence from recent developments in UK climate policy

Working paper by Andy Gouldson, Jouni Paavola, James Van Alstine on 31 Oct 2016

Many factors can conspire to limit the scope for policy development at the national scale. In this paper, we consider whether blockages in national policy processes – resulting for example from austerity or ‘small state’ political philosophies – might accelerate the development of more polycentric governance arrangements. Recognising that this issue is of widespread relevance, […]