David Mkwambisi

Associate, University of Leeds

David Mkwambisi

David is currently working as Programmes Coordinator at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Nature Resources, Lilongwe, Malawi. he is a Senior Lecturer in Environment and Development Studies.


David is an Environment and Development expert working as a Programmes Coordinator at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, formerly Bunda College of Agriculture, a constituent of the University of Malawi. David is involved in several development and research programmes working with both rural and urban communities especially on climate change impacts and vulnerability among smallholder farmers and on urban poverty. He is an active expert contributing to several government strategies and programmes including championing the development of the National Climate Change Policy, designing national project that promote community resilience and adaptation to climate change and weather variability. Regionally and globally, David has been contributing to environment and development issues to UNEP, UNFPA, COMESA, SADC, International Organisation on Migration (IOM), African Union, World Bank, Food and Agricultural Organisation, African Development Bank, UNICEF, and several international and national Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

He holds a BSc in Agriculture from University of Malawi, MSc and PhD in Environment and Development from University of East Anglia and Leeds University respectively.

His research focuses on the impacts of climate and weather variability on smallholder farmers, the role of indigenous knowledge for climate change adaptation, analysing the linkages among environmental quality, human health, food security and climate change, urban agriculture, climate change vulnerability assessment, urban population dynamics and food security. Current work involved building capacity for managing climate change impacts in Malawi targeting various stakeholders.

Research Interests

  • Smallholder vulnerability to climate change
  • Linkages among environmental quality, human health, food security and climate change
  • Urban agriculture
  • Urban population dynamics and climate change adaptation

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