Andrea Taylor

University Academic Fellow, University of Leeds

Andrea Taylor

Andrea is currently a University Academic Fellow.


After obtaining a BSc Psychology at Lancaster University, Andrea went on to complete an MSc and PhD at the University of Bolton, where her focus of study was the psychology of judgement and decision making under risk. At present she holds a joint post Sustainability Research Institute and Centre for Decision Research at Leeds University.

Since joining the University of Leeds she has been involved in Project 3 of the Defra funded PREPARE programme of research, examining the climate “risk appetite” of the UK public and is currently working on Work Package 33 of the EUPORIAS project, which seeks to establish best practice in communicating uncertainty in seasonal and inter-annual climate predictions.

Research interests

  • Public perceptions of climate risk and adaptation
  • Communication of risk and uncertainty in climate predictions and projections
  • The impact of emotion on environmental decisions