High tech farming, local food systems, food aid, or strict environmental regulation? How the American dust bowl can teach us to deal with drought

Working paper by Evan Fraser on 1 Oct 2012

Abstract of Working Paper 110 This paper examines responses to the American Dust Bowl in the 1930s as a way of exploring how society today may be able to respond to today’s droughts and pending “food crises”. With regards the debate over solutions to the Dust Bowl, four broad themes emerge. First, some argued that […]

Policy and institutional frameworks for the promotion of sustainable biofuels in Mali

Working paper by Nicola Favretto, Lindsay Stringer, Andy Dougill on 1 Sep 2012

Abstract of Working Paper 103 This paper presents a multi-level assessment of the potential for oil-bearing, non-edible tree Jatropha curcas (Jatropha) to improve rural development and energy security in Mali: a sub-Saharan African country that has led biofuel policy initiatives. It addresses knowledge gaps on the role of national policy instruments and multi-stakeholder engagement in […]