Spatial mapping of socio-ecological vulnerability to environmental change in Southern Africa

Working paper by David Abson, Andy Dougill, Lindsay Stringer on 1 Jun 2012

Abstract of Working Paper 95 Aggregate measures that capture multiple aspects of socio-ecological vulnerability in a single or small number of vulnerability indices can be used to produce vulnerability maps that act as powerful visual tools to identify those areas most susceptible to future environmental changes. Such indices are easily communicable and offer valuable guidance […]

Skills constraints for low-carbon transitions

Working paper by Nick Jagger, Tim Foxon, Andy Gouldson on 1 Jun 2012

Abstract of Working Paper 96 Achieving a successful transition to a low-carbon economy, in the UK and other countries, will require sufficient people with appropriate qualifications and skills to manufacture, install and operate the low carbon technologies and approaches. The actual numbers and types of skills required are uncertain and will depend on the speed […]

Evidence on CO2 emissions and business cycles

Working paper by Baran Doda on 1 Apr 2012

CO2 emissions and GDP are positively correlated over the business cycle. Most climate change researchers would agree with the preceding intuitive statement despite the absence of … read more »