Closing coal: economic and moral incentives

Working paper by Paul Collier, Anthony J. Venables on 11 May 2014

Climate policy required that much of the world’s reserves of fossil fuels remain unburned. This paper makes the case for implementing this directly through policy to … read more »

Talking the talk of change: REDD+ discourse in the national media

Working paper by Monica Di Gregorio, Maria Brockhaus, Tim Cronin, Efrian Muharrom, Sofi Mardiah, Levania Santoso on 7 Apr 2014

This paper investigates the main discourses around REDD+ as expressed by policy actors in the national media across seven REDD+ countries and assesses the extent to which these public discourses support or challenge the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation. The data are position statements of policy actors on REDD+ reported in three national print […]

Understanding the Governance of Corporations: Linking theory and practice through an examination of the factors shaping UK supermarket strategies on climate change

Working paper by Andy Gouldson on 1 Apr 2014

This paper starts from the premise that our understanding of the extent to which, and of the conditions under which, we might rely on new or neoliberal forms of governance beyond the state to deliver particular public interest objectives is limited, especially when they seek to instigate changes in corporate behaviour. In response, we briefly […]

Exploring mangrove social-ecological system dynamics in South-East Asia: linking livelihoods, vulnerability and ecosystem services in Vietnam

Working paper by Lindsay Stringer, Claire Quinn on 1 Mar 2014

Globally, human activities have led to rapid mangrove degradation. In Vietnam, as across much of coastal South-East Asia, mangroves play a vital role in the livelihoods of coastal rural communities with relatively low levels of development. However, little is known about the precise impact of human activity on the ecosystem services underpinning these livelihoods. This […]