Combining nexus and resilience thinking in a novel framework to enable more equitable and just outcomes

Working paper by Lindsay Stringer, Claire Quinn, Rachel Berman, Hue Le, Flower Msuya, Juarez Pezzuti on 6 Oct 2014

Resilience and nexus thinking are often applied separately to investigate social-ecological systems (SES), wherein both approaches are critiqued for a lack of explicit focus on issues of justice and equity. This paper synthesises the main strengths and shortcomings of these approaches, before drawing on resilience and nexus strengths to present a novel, integrated framework to […]

What lays at stake for standards organisations pursuing fairness in the carbon market? Lessons from literature applied to practice in the carbon market

Working paper by Anne Tallontire, Lindsay Stringer, Robert Marchant on 1 Oct 2014

In the context of an evolving voluntary carbon standards market, standards organisations are collaborating and competing in order to come up with new tools, rules and marketing strategies which could facilitate the certification of more pro-smallholder and pro-community carbon projects. One particular package is the concept of “fair carbon” projects, and “fairly traded” carbon credits. […]

Barriers to climate change adaptation in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence from northeast Ghana & systematic literature review

Working paper by Philip Antwi-Agyei, Andy Dougill, Lindsay Stringer on 1 Oct 2014

Despite the international significance attached to climate change adaptation, there remains a lack of understanding of the key barriers that impede the effective implementation of adaptation strategies by households across sub-Saharan Africa. Better understanding of the vulnerability of agriculture-dependent households to climate variability requires exploration of the barriers that constrain the implementation of adaptation strategies. […]

Modelling land use, deforestation, and policy analysis: A hybrid optimization-ABM heterogeneous agent model with application to the Bolivian Amazon

Working paper by Lykke Andersen, Ugur Bilge, Ben Groom, David Gutierrez, Evan Killick, Juan Carlos Ledezma, Charles Palmer on 9 Sep 2014

Policy interventions designed to simultaneously stem deforestation and reduce poverty in tropical countries entail complex socio-environmental trade-offs. A hybrid model, comprising an optimising, agricultural household model integrated into the ‘shell’ … read more »