Xavier Vollenweider

Xavier’s PhD is on the management of climate risk and market risk in agriculture. He is interested both in developed and developing countries, focusing on Ireland and Ethiopia as case … read more »

Sander van der Linden

Sander’s research is in social and environmental psychology, with a particular focus on environmental risk judgments, perceptions, attitudes, behaviours and decision-making strategies. Sander recently completed his PhD at the LSE. … read more »

Rhona Barr

Rhona has an MSc in Environmental Economics & Policy from Imperial College London and a BSc in Zoology from the University of Edinburgh. Before joining the London School of Economics … read more »

Philip Schleifer

Philip’s PhD thesis looks at accountability structures in multi-stakeholder certification schemes. Focusing on the field bioenergy regulation, he examines processes of institutional diffusion and how they generated divergence among private … read more »

Jennifer Helgeson

Jennifer’s PhD research topic is on individuals’ understanding and estimation of climate change-related risks. Jennifer also holds the following positions: Economist in the Office of Applied Economics, Building & Fire … read more »

Gianni Ruta

Gianni’s research applies microeconomic theory to the analysis of international finance mechanisms for climate change adaptation. The research is part of the Grantham Reseach institute’s broader adaptation work program. Background … read more »

Alex Jarman

Alex is a fourth-year PhD research student working towards his thesis, entitled ‘Quantitative applied climate economics for the insurance industry’, sponsored by the reinsurance company, Munich Re. The research is … read more »

Tobias Ketterer

Tobias’s work focused on the impact of trade liberalization and climate change policies on various firm characteristics including energy efficiency, productivity and exporting behaviour of firms in developed and developing … read more »

Ralph Hippe

Ralph worked with the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment from September 2013 until August 2015. Ralph worked on the project entitled ‘Green growth and a new … read more »

Naomi Hicks

Naomi joined the Grantham Research Institute in June 2011 and headed up the Institute’s public communications programme up until October 2014. Naomi went on to work for consulting firm ClimateCare. … read more »