‘Demand pull’ government policies to support Product-Service System activity: The case of Energy Service Companies (ESCos) in the UK

Research article by Matthew Hannon, Tim Foxon, William F. Gale on 1 Dec 2015

Product-Service Systems (PSSs) constitute a family of service-based business models designed to satisfy our societal needs in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. To date however PSS application has remained niche due to a variety of critical barriers. This paper explores how ‘demand pull’ national government policies could support PSS activity by addressing these barriers […]

Prospects for shale gas in the UK

Research article by on 11 Nov 2015

Presentation given at the ‘LMN Assets – International Gas Conference’ – Session: Shale Gas/ Gas & the Environment, London, 3-4 November 2015

Investing in low-carbon transitions: energy finance as an adaptive market

Research article by Stephen Hall, Tim Foxon on 29 Oct 2015

The amount of capital required to transition energy systems to low-carbon futures is very large, yet analysis of energy systems change has been curiously quiet on the role of capital markets in financing energy transitions. This is surprising given the huge role finance and investment must play in facilitating transformative change. We argue this has […]