Liquid Petroleum Gas Access and Consumption Expenditure: Measuring Energy Poverty through Wellbeing and Gender Equality in India

Working paper by Dhilanveer Teja Singh Bahi, Jouni Paavola on 22 Aug 2023

Despite the acceleration of electrification in India, many communities still suffer from the direct and indirect effects of energy poverty. This paper investigates whether access to liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and consumption expenditure can be used as measures of energy poverty in India, with a particular focus on gender equality.

Financing climate change and sustainable growth

Policy publication by Nicholas Stern on 7 Nov 2019

Presentation given by Nicholas Stern at the Pledging Conference for GCF’s First Replenishment 24–25 October 2019. In the presentation Professor Lord Nicholas Stern outlines how well designed sustainable  infrastructure can be pro growth, pro poor, and pro climate. read more »

Well-being dynamics and poverty traps

Working paper by Christopher Barrett, Linden McBride on 20 Jan 2016

A sound understanding of poverty traps—defined as poverty that is self-reinforcing due to the poor’s equilibrium behaviors—and their underlying mechanisms is fundamentally important to the development of policies and interventions … read more »