Realising the ‘triple dividend of resilience’ – A new business case for disaster risk management

Book by Swenja Surminski

This book develops a new business case for investment based on the multiple dividends of resilience. This looks beyond only avoided losses (the first dividend) to the wider benefits gained independently of whether or not the disaster event occurs. These include unleashing entrepreneurial activities and productive investments by lowering the looming threat of losses from […]

Environment and sustainability

Book, Research article by Jouni Paavola

Many central concerns of social economics, such as embeddedness, plural values and social justice, are highly pertinent to environment and sustainability. Somewhat paradoxically, there has been relatively little research on environment and sustainability in the core social-economics research community. But this is not to say that social-economics research on the environment and sustainability does not […]

Emissions Markets and Products

Book by Luca Taschini

Chapter 5 in Andrea Roncoroni, Gianluca Fusai, and Mark Cummins (eds.) Handbook of Multi-Commodity Markets and Products: Structuring, Trading and Risk Management. Wiley, 2015 Link to publisher

Green growth

Book by Alex Bowen

Ch. 15 in Atkinson, G., Dietz, S., Neumayer, E., and M. Agarwala (Ed.s) (2014): Handbook of sustainable development, 2nd edition, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK. ISBN 978 1 78254 469 2. … read more »

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