Mapping the climate sceptical blogosphere

Working paper by Amelia Sharman on 1 Aug 2013

While mainstream scientific knowledge production has been extensively examined in the academic literature, comparatively little is known about alternative networks of scientific knowledge production. Online sources … read more »

Response to public consultation on ‘Securing the future availability and affordability of home insurance in areas of flood risk’

Policy publication by Swenja Surminski, Florence Crick, Bob Ward on 1 Aug 2013

Flooding is the biggest natural disaster risk in England. Flood risk is expected to increase due to climate change and continued development of floodplains for residential and commercial property, which increases the exposure of homes and businesses. Addressing the causes and consequences of flooding is very important and we welcome the recent efforts by the Government and the insurance industry to reform the approach to flood insurance in England. read more »

The communication of physical science uncertainty in European National Adaptation Strategies

Research article by Suzanne Lorenz, Suraje Dessai, Jouni Paavola, Piers Forster on 27 Jul 2013

Many European countries have developed National Adaptation Strategies (NAS) to guide adaptation to the expected impacts of climate change. There is a need for more structured communication of the uncertainties related to future climate and its impacts so that adaptation actions can be planned and implemented effectively and efficiently. We develop a novel uncertainty assessment […]