Financing for Sustainable Development

Research article by Sam Fankhauser on 24 Nov 2014

Fankhauser, S. and D.W. Pearce (2014). Book chapter in: G. Atkinson, S. Dietz, E. Neumayer and M. Agarwala, eds. Handbook of Sustainable Development. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Innovation, risk and government: perspectives and principles from the social sciences

Policy publication by Nicholas Stern, Fergus Green, Rodney Boyd, Reuben Finighan on 19 Nov 2014

Chapter 1 in: Innovation: managing risk, not avoiding it – The Government Chief Scientific Adviser’s annual report for 2014. Government Office for Science. – Download the full report – Download the Executive Summary Headline Issue The infrastructure created by humans and the natural infrastructure of the planet are both vital for our survival and wellbeing. […]

Climate change mitigation as catastrophic risk management

Research article by Simon Dietz on 18 Nov 2014

Since Nicholas Stern published his influential ‘Review on the Economics of Climate Change’ for the British government in 2006, economists have become increasingly interested in how the value of climate policy, especially the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at the global level, depends on risk and uncertainty. New lines of research make the case that mitigating climate change is above all an exercise in catastrophic risk management. read more »

Flood insurance in England – An assessment of the current and newly proposed insurance scheme in the context of rising flood risk

Research article by Swenja Surminski, Jillian Eldridge on 18 Nov 2014

By applying our analytical framework we find an absence of formal incentive mechanisms for risk reduction in the existing and proposed Flood Re scheme. We identify the barriers for applying insurance to risk reduction and point to some possible modifications in the Flood Re proposal to deliver a greater link between risk transfer and risk reduction. read more »

Green growth

Book by Alex Bowen on 11 Nov 2014

Ch. 15 in Atkinson, G., Dietz, S., Neumayer, E., and M. Agarwala (Ed.s) (2014): Handbook of sustainable development, 2nd edition, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK. ISBN 978 1 78254 469 2. … read more »