Applying ImPACT: A modelling framework to explore the role of producers and consumers in reducing emissions

Research article by Elena Dawkins, A Bows-Larkin, John Barrett on 12 Aug 2014

The consumption emissions of many developed countries including the UK are significantly larger than their territorial emissions – the focus of international mitigation commitments. The paper presents the development and application of a multiregional input–output based scenario tool to explore the impact of carbon reduction measures on territorial and consumption emissions. Applying the tool to […]

The greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation options for materials used in UK construction

Research article by John Barrett, Peter Taylor on 1 Aug 2014

The UK construction industry faces the daunting task of replacing and extending a significant proportion of UK infrastructure, meeting a growing housing shortage and retrofitting millions of homes whilst achieving greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions compatible with the UK’s legally binding target of an 80% reduction by 2050. This paper presents a detailed time series […]