Corporate environmentalism: Tracing the links between policies and performance Using corporate reports and public registers

Research article by Andy Gouldson on 16 May 2006

Within this paper, we consider whether it is possible to trace the links between the procedural and the substantive dimensions of corporate environmentalism using information that is in the public domain – most notably in corporate reports and in pollutant releases and transfer registers (PRTRs) such as the US Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) and the […]

Institutional ecological economics

Research article by Jouni Paavola, W. Neil Adger on 15 May 2005

New institutional economics and its forerunners have, we argue made important contributions to the evolving agenda of ecological economics. The conceptualisation of environmental problems as instances of interdependence and the acknowledgement of positive transaction costs are key insights into the nature of environmental problems. We also discuss how plurality of behavioural motivations and limited cognitive […]

Seeking Justice: International Environmental Governance and Climate Change

Research article by Jouni Paavola on 25 Feb 2005

This article examines social justice aspects of international environmental governance, analysing adaptation to climate change as an example. The article first discusses how international environmental regimes have been examined, suggesting that understanding them as responses to environmental conflicts better highlights their social justice aspects. The article argues that distributive and procedural justice in the society […]

Protected areas governance and justice: Theory and the European Union’s Habitats Directive

Research article by Jouni Paavola on 25 Jan 2004

This article investigates protected areas governance and the role of justice in it. The article argues that protected areas governance is needed because resources such as biodiversity and heritage create conflicts over their use and preservation. The resolutions of these conflicts need to be justified for the involved and affected interest groups in order to […]