Fertile ground? Options for a science?policy platform for land.

Research article by Richard Thomas, Mariam Akhtar-Schuster, Lindsay Stringer, María José Marqués, Richard Escadafal, Elena María Abraham, Giuseppe Enne on 4 Jan 2012

Thomas, R.J., Akhtar-Schuster, M., Stringer, L.C., Marques, M.J., Escadafal, R., Abraham, E., Enne, G. February 2012. Environmental Science & Policy, v.16, pp.122-135.

Challenges and opportunities in linking carbon sequestration, dryland livelihoods and ecosystem service provision

Working paper by Lindsay Stringer, Andy Dougill, Andrew Thomas, Dominick Stracklen, Sabrina Chesterman, Chinwe Ifejika-Speranza, Henri Rueff, Mike Riddell, Mat Williams, Tracy Beedy, David Abson, Patrick Klintenberg, Stephen Syampungani, Philip Powell, Anthony Palmer, Mary Seely, David Mkwambisi, Mario Falcao, Almeida Sitoe, Sally Ross, Goodspeed Kopolo on 1 Jan 2012

Abstract of Working Paper 81 Changes in land use and management practices to store and sequester carbon are becoming integral to global efforts to address climate change, yet knowledge and evidence gaps abound. This paper analyses the most pressing deficiencies in understanding carbon storage in both soils and above ground biomass, focusing on the semi-arid […]