Public-private partnerships for storm risk management in the Cayman Islands

Working paper by Emma Tompkins, Lisa-Ann Hurlston on 1 Mar 2010

Abstract of Working Paper 21 We analyse the role of public and private responsibility in the provision of public goods – specifically, national hurricane preparedness, including early warnings and post-impact recovery. This is achieved through a review of the changes that have occurred in the Cayman Islands’ National Hurricane Committee (NHC). The NHC is a […]

On non-marginal cost-benefit analysis

Working paper by Simon Dietz, Cameron Hepburn on 1 Mar 2010

Conventional cost-benefit analysis incorporates the normally reasonable assumption that the policy or project under examination is marginal in the sense that it will not significantly change … read more »

Input-output analysis and carbon footprinting: An overview of applications

Research article by John Barrett, Elena Dawkins, Dabo Guan, Klaus Hubacek, Kate Scott, Thomas Wiedmann, Manfred Lenzen on 16 Feb 2010

This article provides an overview of how generalised multi-regional input–output models can be used for carbon footprint applications. We focus on the relevance and suitability of such evidence to inform decision making. Such an overview is currently missing. Drawing on UK results, we cover carbon footprint applications in seven areas: national emissions inventories and trade, […]