Assessing vulnerability to climate change in dryland livelihood systems: conceptual challenges and interdisciplinary solutions

Working paper by Evan Fraser, Mette Termansen, Klaus Hubacek, Andy Dougill, Jan Sendzimir, Claire Quinn on 1 Jun 2010

Over 40% of the earth’s land surface are drylands that are home to approximately 2.5 billion people. Livelihood sustainability in drylands is threatened by a complex and interrelated range of social, economic, political, and environmental changes that present significant challenges to researchers, policy makers, and, above all, rural land users. Dynamic ecological and environmental change […]

Communicating the value of atmospheric services

Research article by Suraje Dessai on 30 Apr 2010

Thornes J; Bloss W; Bouzarovski S; Cai X; Chapman L; Clark J; Dessai S; Du S; van der Horst D; Kendall M; Kidd C; Randalls S (2010). In: Meteorological Applications, 17, pp.243-250. doi: 10.1002/met.200