Distributional effects of climate change taxation: The case of the UK

Research article by Klaus Hubacek, Dabo Guan, John Barrett on 29 Apr 2010

Current economic instruments aimed at climate change mitigation focus mainly on CO2 emissions, but efficient climate mitigation needs to focus on other greenhouse gases as well as CO2. This study investigates the distributional effects of climate change taxes on households belonging to different income and lifestyle groups; and it compares the effects of a CO2 […]

Contrail microphysics

Research article by Andrew Heymsfield, Darrel Baumgardner, Paul DeMott, Piers Forster, Klaus Gierens, and Bernd Kärcher on 1 Apr 2010

Heymsfield, A., Baumgardner, D., DeMott, P., Forster, P., Gierens, K., and Karcher, B. April 2010. BAMS, v.91, pp.465-472.

A Lockean defence of grandfathering emission rights

Research article by Luc Bovens on 19 Mar 2010

Reference Bovens, L. 2010. A Lockean defence of grandfathering emission rights (forthcoming). The Ethics of Global Climate Change [Denis Arnold (ed.)]. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.