Outlook for knowledge, tools and action

Research article by Sonja Vermeulen, P.K. Aggarwal, A. Ainslie, C. Angelone, B.M. Campbell, Andy Challinor, J.W. Hansen, J.S.I. Ingram, A. Jarvis, P. Kristjanson, C. Lau, G.C. Nelson, P.K. Thornton, P.K., Eva Wollenberg on 1 Jan 2010

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Chapter 20: Surprises and Possibilities

Book by A Misselhorn, Andy Challinor, P Thornton, J.W. Jones, R Schaldach, V Plocq-Fichelet on 1 Jan 2010

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Expert Systems

Book by Andy Challinor, K Stigter on 1 Jan 2010

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Urban land supply

Book by David Mkwambisi on 1 Jan 2010

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