Valuing nature: Lessons learned and future research directions

Research article by R. Kerry Turner, Jouni Paavola on 25 Oct 2003

This paper critically reviews the literature on environmental valuation of ecosystem services across the range of global biomes. The main objective of this review is to assess the policy relevance of the information encompassed by the wide range of valuation studies that have been undertaken so far. Published and other studies now cover most ecosystems, […]

Governance for sustainability: towards a ‘thick’ analysis of environmental decisionmaking

Research article by Jouni Paavola, W. Neil Adger, K. Brown on 25 Jun 2003

Environmental decisions made by individuals, civil society, and the state involve questions of economic efficiency, environmental effectiveness, equity, and political legitimacy. These four criteria are constitutive of the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development, which has become the dominant rhetorical device of environmental governance. We discuss the tendency for disciplinary research to focus […]

Economic reasons for conserving wild nature

Research article by Andrew Balmford, Jouni Paavola on 9 Aug 2002

On the eve of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, it is timely to assess progress over the 10 years since its predecessor in Rio de Janeiro. Loss and degradation of remaining natural habitats has continued largely unabated. However, evidence has been accumulating that such systems generate marked economic benefits, which the available data suggest […]