Research article by Thomas Wiedmann, Manfred Lenzen, Adolf Acquaye, Kate Scott, John Barrett on 8 Jun 2011

Future energy technologies will be key for a successful reduction of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. With demand for electricity projected to increase significantly in the future, climate policy goals of limiting the effects of global atmospheric warming can only be achieved if power generation processes are profoundly decarbonized. Energy models, however, have ignored the fact […]

Incorporating ecosystem services in decisions

Book by Jouni Paavola on 4 Jun 2011

McKenzie E; Irwin F; Ranganathan J; Hanson C; Kousky C; Bennett K; Ruffo S; Conte M; Salzman J; Paavola J (2011) In: Kareiva PM; Tallis H; Ricketts TH; Daily GC; Polasky S (Ed) Natural Capital Theory & Practice of Mapping Ecosystem Services, Oxford University Press, pp.339-355.