Spending adaptation money wisely

Research article by Sam Fankhauser on 23 May 2011

Discussions about adaptation finance have largely concentrated on process: how money should be raised and how adaptation spending should be governed and monitored. This article seeks to move the … read more »

Evaluation of radiation scheme performance within chemistry climate models

Research article by Piers Forster, Victor Fomichev, Eugene Rozanov, Chiara Cagnazzo, Andreas Jonsson, Ulrike Langematz, Boris Fomin, Michael Iacono, Bernhard Mayer, Eli Mlawer, Gunnar Myhre, Robert Portmann, Hideharu Akiyoshi, Victoria Falaleeva, Nathan Gillett, Alexey Karpechko, Jiangnan Li, Perrine Lemennais, Olaf Morgenstern, Sophie Oberländer, Michael Sigmond, Kiyotaka Shibata on 18 May 2011

Forster, P.M., Fomichev, V.I., Rozanov, E., Cagnazzo, C., Jonsson, A.I., Langematz, U., Fomin, B., Iacono, M.J., Mayer, B., Mlawer, E., Myhre, G., Portmann, R.W., Akiyoshi, H., Falaleeva, V., Gillett, N., Karpechko, A., Li J.N., Lemennais P., Morgenstern, O., Oberlander, S., Sigmond, M., Shibata, K. 2011. Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres, v.116.